Street name and street number for Jones Hive: No.8 Jones Street

District: Causeway Bay

The address of the website designated by the vendor of the development Jones Hive:

The photographs, images, drawings or sketches shown in this advertisement / promotional material represent an artist’s impression of the development concerned only. They are not drawn to scale and /or may have been edited and processed with computerized imaging techniques. Prospective purchasers should make reference to the sales brochure for details of the development. The vendor also advises prospective purchasers to conduct an on-site visit for a better understanding of the development site, its surrounding environment and the public facilities nearby.

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Vendor: Golden Sharp Limited and City Castle Limited (both also as the owners and whose holding companies are Henderson Development Limited, Henderson Land Development Company Limited, Mightymark Investment Limited, Good Time Limited and Broadwin Int’l Limited); and Keep New Investment Limited (also as the owner and whose holding companies are Ko Bee Limited, Soundwill Holdings Limited, Soundwill (BVI) Limited and Elite Allied Limited). Authorized Person for the development: Mr. Lai Siu Kin Rembert of Lu Tang Lai Architects Ltd. (Mr. Lai Siu Kin Rembert is a director of Lu Tang Lai Architects Ltd.). Building Contractor for the development: Lidell Construction Company, Limited. Vendor’s Solicitors: Lo & Lo. Authorized Institution that has made a loan, or has undertaken to provide finance, for the construction of the development: Not applicable. Any other person who has made a loan for the construction of the development: Henderson Real Estate Agency Limited, Soundwill Management Company Limited and Elite Allied Limited.

This advertisement is published by, or with the consent of, the vendor. Please refer to the sales brochure for details. Date of production of this advertisement: 15th December 2016